Welcome to the Vermont Children’s Performer Database

This directory is designed to assist libraries and schools with planning children’s programs. With hundreds of different entries covering such diverse subjects as magic, crafts, dance and writing, there is sure to be something for everyone. Use the Categories list on the right to refine your search.

No attempt has been made to evaluate programs; the performers themselves have supplied the information listed. Before you hire someone, you should ask where that person has performed previously and call for information. Ask about the content of the program, the age level, the response of the audience, the reliability of the performer, the fees and an overall evaluation. Then, when you have a program yourself, be sure to fill out your own evaluation form, or at least take complete notes in order to help both yourself and others in future programming.

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Dan Dan the Magic Man

Name (Professional name or group): Dan Dan the Magic Man

Website: dandanmagicman.com

Contact person: Dan Heath

Program length: 40 minutes

Age suitability: 3-103

Fee: $175

Program description: Dan Dan goes Digital!  All the laughs, mystery and animal friends your audience will love.  We will help you host a Facebook Event Magic Show (or provide a link for your website) complete with advertising and contest prizes.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations :

Additionally, you can send your young readers home with magic!  I have 3 different Magic Wand kits available.  With the purchase of our wand kits, you will receive exclusive videos that teach your patrons how to perform the magic at home.  These are perfect for Grab N Go bags!

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Act!vated Story Theatre

Name (Professional name or group): Act!vated Story Theatre

Website: http://www.activatedstorytheatre.com

Contact person: Kimberly Goza

Program length: 45 minutes

Age suitability: 2-12 and adults

Fee: Varies

Program description:

Multicultural folktale brought to life with physical comedy, audience participation, witty scripts, music, dance, American Sign Language, colorful costumes and imaginative props. Every production includes two folktales performed before a gigantic book, specifically designed to easily transform public library spaces or school gymnasiums/cafeterias into a stage. Each theatrical production encourages reading and fosters an enthusiasm for books and literature. Each 45 minute play is staged by professional actors, supplemented by a supporting cast of young guest stars from your community.

(NOTE: We offer a virtual program during times of social distancing. It features a studio performance recorded with multiple camera angles and specially edited to bring the viewer into the action. The fee is $185. For an additional $50, the performers can follow it up with an interactive session live via web.)

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations : We tour the entire nation, all year long. Minimum performance area needed is about 12 by 12 feet. No special equipment required. Generally, we do not perform outdoors.

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Classical Music Encounters

Name (Professional name or group): Classical Music Encounters

Email: wubrothersmusic@gmail.com

Website: facebook.com/classicalmusicencounters

Contact person: Dongdong Lin

Program length: 1.5 hours

Age suitability: All ages, including kids and adults

Fee: Free*

Program description: Henry and Nathan Wu present a free virtual classical music performance and presentation with the goal of introducing the genre to diverse audiences and showcasing how its power and beauty can be used in our everyday lives. Started in summer 2018, Classical Music Encounters has held over twenty performances at Vermont libraries and community events. The Wu brothers perform solo and chamber works for violin, cello, and piano and offer historical commentary on the pieces they play.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations : Contact performer.

*VTLIB note: this was for a performance several months ago. We do not have current fee information. Please contact the performer.

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Bee Bee the Clown – Jackie the Magician

Name (Professional name or group): Bee Bee the Clown – Jackie the Magician

Website: https://beebeetheclown.com/

Contact person: Jackie Reynolds

Program length: (3) Twenty minute Videos

Age suitability: Ages 3-10, Family Audiences

Fee: $195: (3) 20 Minute Videos. Discounts w/ combined programs. Call Jackie

Program description: Three twenty minute video performances combine magic, ventriloquism, puppets, songs, jokes and a simple craft or magic trick using common household items in a joyful, engaging format. Bee Bee’s “Noodle Pa-Doodle Magic: Three Video Package” allows your library to release a new video every two weeks for your program, and leave them up till the end of the summer. These interactive virtual shows are made especially for family audiences and children ages 3 years to 10 years and are filled with fun, surprises and laughter. Additional videos are available to allow for more content and extensive flexibility in your schedule. Please email Jackie Reynolds at: beebeetheclown@frontiernet.net to bring this interactive, engaging program to the families at your library. Jackie Reynolds is an award winning variety arts entertainer and children’s author with over twenty five years of experience. She has entertained extensively at schools, libraries and community and family events and teaches at conferences for other professional entertainers.  The “Noodle Pa-Doodle” virtual videos bring her entertainment to libraries statewide. Jackie is also a children’s author and illustrator. Please visit: https://beebeetheclown.com/books/ to see her books and website.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations :

Specialized videos teaching ventriloquism, and simple, fun, fast craft projects are available also in addition to “Noodle Pa-Doodle Magic with Bee Bee the Clown. Please contact Jackie Reynolds with questions. Make your summer library programs awesome with these affordable programs for the kids and their families.

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DINOSAURS ROCK & Other Science Fun!

Name (Professional name or group): DINOSAURS ROCK & Other Science Fun! Now Virtual!

Website: https://dinosaursrockprograms.com/

Contact person: Leslie Freund

Program length: 45 mts – 1 hour

Age suitability: 3-13 – good for families

Fee: $395 – Virtual program for up to 50 households – includes REAL fossil/mineral/seashell specimens shipped to central location

Program description:

Choose from 5 Science-themed events – DINOSAURS ROCK, GEMS ROCK, INSECTS ROCK, SHARKS & OCEANS ROCK or SPACE & ROCKETRY! Now Virtual too! Each program is highly interactive with museum exhibits viewed up-close. Best of all, we ship REAL take-home fossils, minerals or seashells, depending on the theme selected to a central location for distribution to children/families..Here are details on our #1 programs, DINOSAURS ROCK!

Join DINOSAURS ROCK for a virtual Jurassic journey… with a fascinating & fun, interactive show, the backdrop of Museum quality dinosaur and fossils specimens and, best of all, REAL fossils, to keep, for each participant!

(you’ll need to decide how they will receive these fossils) Sign up early – spots will go fast!  DINOSAURS ROCK has been conducting events for 20+ years, serving thousands of schools and camps and clients like the Bronx Zoo and Newark Museum. Please check out www.DinosaursRock.com for more info. And DinosaursRockSuperstore.com for activity supplies.We Bring The Museum To You!

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations :

No geographic limitation for Virtual programs.

We also do in-person events with a travel fee

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Diane Edgecomb

Name (Professional name or group): Diane Edgecomb

Website: https://livingmyth.com/virtual-programming-for-libraries/

Contact person: Diane Edgecomb

Program length: 45 minutes- one hour

Age suitability: Family

Fee: $250-$525 (discounts are for virtual programming)

Program description:

TAILS AND TALES: Who has the best tales in the world? Animals do! From folktales about adventurous monkeys to a true tale of a neighborhood squirrel that drives everyone NUTS we’ll have tons of participatory fun with Diane’s engaging stories about four-legged capers.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations :

Storytelling is the most flexible of art forms! All that is required is an open-comfortable space for the audience to gather. If the performance is to be outdoors then request is for teller not to be in direct sunlight for the length of the performance. Diane has excellent sound equipment that can be heard at a distance which helps with social distancing.

No special requirements for Video links and Zoom-live or other virtual programming.

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Allez-OOPS! Virtual Variety Show: An Online/ Offline Extravaganza!

Name (Professional name or group): Allez-OOPS! Virtual Variety Show: An Online/ Offline Extravaganza!

Website: http://www.robmissjane.com

Contact person: Rob Lok

Program length: 20,30, 45 minutes

Age suitability: All Ages

Fee: $450-800 range. Mileage included. Rates vary from online vs live appearances. Please Ask!

Program description:

A Bombastic Bonanza of Brilliant Balancing and Bonafide Bravado!

Electrify your patrons with the outrageous and original comedy show ALLEZ-OOPS!  Virtual Variety Show!

The Allez-OOPS! Virtual Variety Show is an online LIVE STREAMING or PRERECORDED VIDEO PERFORMANCE that introduces Rob & Miss Jane, circus performers and clowns from New York City and the Ukraine.

They will showcase some tricks of the trade (Juggling, Bottle Walking, Chinese YoYos, Plate Spinning and More!) picked up from around the world with fun and interactive introductions before each act. In addition to their performance, Rob & Miss Jane invites the (virtual) audience in joining them in play by learning how to balance, juggle and create their own fun visual sight gags with objects easily found at home.

Seen in over 35 countries and in all types of venues, Rob and Miss Jane understand the need for interactive, engaging and thrilling performances enjoyed in any language- or at any age.

Blending circus thrills, fast pacing and spontaneous comedy, this high-octane slapstick spectacle excites all audiences with absurd sight gags and visual silliness. The Virtual Variety Show is a guaranteed crowd favorite:

family-friendly, hilarious and a whole lot of FUN!

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations :

We can adapt to your venue or environment.

For LIVE APPEARANCES. Please see our COVID-19 Safety Protocol here


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Angela Kunkel, Author

Name (Professional name or group): Angela Kunkel

Website: https://www.angelakunkel.com/

Contact person: Angela Kunkel

Program length: 20-60 minutes

Age suitability: Grades K-6

Fee: $75 for virtual visits, in-person rates TBD Program description: In this author presentation for the picture book DIGGING FOR WORDS, students will see footage of José’s real-life library, learn about life in Colombia, and discuss the importance of book access for all.

Following an interactive read-aloud, Angela will talk about the writing process that followed, from first draft to research and revision to publication. There will be time for Q&A.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations : Offering only virtual visits for 2020. Please read details on the “Virtual Visit” page of author website.

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Name (Professional name or group): Exordium

Website: www.exordium-adventure.com

Contact person: Kurt J. Valenta

Program length: 3 programs available, each 1 hour in length

Age suitability: 5 years of age and older

Fee: Single program – $165.00 + mileage from Enosburg Falls. Multiple program booking & block booking discounts available

Program description:

I have created three topics to play into the State theme of Tales & Tails which are as follows:

Program I – The Tale of an Important Tail!

This program takes a closer look at the tails of animals & birds. We will explore what those tails are actually used for by their owners while being able to handle a number of real tails.

Program II – The Tale of a Kite’s Tail

This program look’s at the kite through-out history, the materials with which they were constructed and what we have used for through the ages. Finish up your learning by making a simple kite to take home.

Program III – Riding a Comet’s Tail Through Space

The comets in our night skies have always held our fascination. In this program, learn what a comet is made of, why it has a tail and comes to visit on a regular basis. You will also be building                                                                                              your own comet model.

Program Requirements:

Exordium programs are completely self-contained and the only requirement are a power supply & a table to stage materials as well as adequate room for participants to either work on their craft or investigate phenomena in small groups.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations:

Exordium programs are completely self-contained and the only requirement are a power supply & a table to stage materials as well as adequate room for participants to either work on their craft or investigate phenomena in small groups.

POTENTIAL SOUTHERN SWING: I have been a participating performer in the Summer Reading programs for over nine years and have at one time or another probably come to your library. Based in Enosburg Falls I realize that the mileage charge for central and southern Vermont libraries is often prohibitive for booking my presentations. Having experimented with various options, I am therefore trying to schedule a Southern Swing where I work out of my RV parked at a State Park nearby. Should you have an interest, contact me to discuss details.

Should you need more detail please do not hesitate to contact me. Should you have an interest, please let me know the following:

  1. Potential for block booking with which libraries in your vicinity
  2. Your preferred time slot
  3. Your preferred day of the week
  4. If you would like some references for my presentations
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Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band

Name (Professional name or group): Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band

Website: https://ewklezmer.com

Contact person: Nat Seelen

Program length: 45-70 minutes

Age suitability: all ages

Fee: $500+. Mileage not included.

Program description:

Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band, winners of the Audience Prize at the International Jewish Music Festival and Young Audiences of Massachusetts teaching artists, has been delighting audiences around the world with klezmer music for over a decade.

“It was a pleasure hosting Ezekiel’s Wheels at our library. They are top-notch musicians who really resonated with our community. Their music is infectious and guaranteed to bring big smiles. I also really appreciated how easy they were to work with – professional in every way! I look forward to welcoming them back for future concerts.”

Assistant Director, Thomas Crane Public Library, Quincy, MA

“Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band was awesome. Simply awesome. Everyone loved them!”

Julian Braxton, History Faculty and Director of Community and Inclusion, The Winsor School, Boston, MA

Program length and age level is adjustable. Fun is mandatory.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations : N/A

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Swing Peepers

Name (Professional name or group): Swing Peepers

Website: www.swingpeepers.com

Contact person: Matthew Witten

Program length: 45-60 minutes

Age suitability: 4-12 and families

Fee: $350 plus mileage, with discounts for libraries (i.e., $300 plus mileage)

Program description:

The Swing Peepers, a vocal-harmony and multi-instrument duo, perform inventive, earth-friendly and interactive songs and stories. The Swing Peepers are lively, improvisational, and endearingly goofy. Instruments strummed, swung, and tapped include: guitar, mandolin, violin, harmonica, banjo, ukulele and accordion. Most songs and stories are participatory, and body movement is part of the action!

The Swing Peepers draw out the creativity of audiences by having them participate in creating impromptu songs and stories. The Peeps take ideas from the audience and weave them into highly dramatic tall tales, or is it tails? These made-up-on-the-spot rollicking stories are The Swing Peepers’ trademark – watch out for colorful surprises!

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations: As was the case last summer, we are aware of the need for special arrangements for outdoor, distanced gatherings due to COVID-19. We are very happy to perform outside and also to arrange for rain dates to make scheduling as reliable as possible. We prefer to perform without a sound system, but it is an option; there is an extra charge of $50 for us to bring our PA.

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Rhyming Fool Crankie Picture Shows with Meredith Holch

Name (Professional name or group): Rhyming Fool Crankie Picture Shows with Meredith Holch

Email: meredithholch@gmail.com

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dllX4qsg_WI&t=7s

Contact person: Meredith Holch

Program length: 45 – 60 minutes

Age suitability: 3-10

Fee: $200  (mileage included within 60 miles of Hardwick, add $25 if farther)

Program description:

Rhyming Fool Crankie Picture Shows with Meredith Holch

Get your imagination on with the wackiest fractured fairy tales ever! The program includes brand new rhyming crankie picture show fairy tales—freshly fractured, illustrated, and performed by Meredith Holch, AKA Rhyming Fool. As Holch tells the story, she turns a crank and a twenty foot long hand-painted illustration scrolls through the window of the wooden “crankie” box. Kids are invited to accompany Holch’s lively fiddle tune interludes by playing back-up rhythm on stones collected from the Lamoille River. Program may include stories such as “Little Blue Riding Hood,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.” After the show, viewers can take turns turning the crank to see how the mechanics of the crankie box works.

Special equipment, space considerations, or geographic limitations: No special equipment, small space (minimum 4 ft x 6 ft) with room for kids to sit on floor and chairs for adults.

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